I am a Visual Artisan.  I dream of great things while staying awake in reality.  Thank you for taking interest in my artistic journey.
I immigrated to Los Angeles from South Korea with my family in 1979 when I was 7 years old. I started down south in Fullerton and ended up north in the San Fernando Valley for over 20 years. Disney animation, Star Wars, and Robotech shaped my visual sensibilities while The Princess Bride and SNL shaped my sense of humor. Working in swap-meets and warehouses near skid-row consumed most of my free time during my formative years. My education consists of being lost in college and then being naive in art school. Thankfully, I’m over it now. One day I hope to draw and paint everything that is inside my head. When I am not lost in my imagination, I enjoy collecting good art books, toying with photography and making up music on my digital piano. I’ve also been very blessed with an amazing wife and family. Lastly, my sole source of love, strength and purpose comes from my faith in God.​​​​​​​
For collaboration inquiries, please contact echoform.art@gmail.com
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